Biodiversity in Ecosystems: Linking Structure and Function

Biodiversity in Ecosystems: Linking Structure and Function

"Biodiversity in Ecosystems: Linking Structure and Function" ed. by Yueh-Hsin Lo, Juan A. Blanco and Shovonlal Roy
InTAvE | 17 April, 2015 | ISBN: 953512028X 9789535120285 | 658 pages | PDF | 85 MB

This volume is dedicated to Biodiversity in ecosystems that is tightly linked to ecosystem functions such as biomass production, organic matter decomposition, ecosystem resilience, and others. Many of these ecological processes are also directly implied in services that the humankind obtains from ecosystems.
The first part of this book will introduce different concepts and theories important to understand the links between ecosystem function and ecosystem biodiversity.
The second part of the book provides a wide range of different studies showcasing the evidence and practical implications of such relationships.

1 A Theoretical Concept for Understanding of Functional Diversity and Its Influence on Ecosystem Functioning
2 Importance of Allelopathy as Peudo-Mixotrophy for the Dynamics and Diversity of Phytoplankton
3 Functional Redundancy and Ecosystem Function - The Soil Microbiota as a Case Study
4 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Tropical Habitats - Case Studies and Future Perspectives in Atlantic Rainforest and Cerrado Landscapes
5 Climate Change, Range Shifts and Multitrophic Interactions
6 Responding to Change - Criteria and Indicators for Managing the Transformation of Vegetated Landscapes to Maintain or Restore Ecosystem Diversity
7 Maintaining Ecosystem Function by Restoring Forest Biodiversity - Reviewing Decision-Support Tools that link Biology, Hydrology and Geochemistry
8 Microbial Assembly in Agroecosystems - From the Small Arise the Big
9 Impact of Organic Farming on Biodiversity
10 Hydromorphology and Biodiversity in Headwaters - An Eco- Faunistic Substrate Preference Assessment in Forest Springs of the German Subdued Mountains
11 Biodiversity and Conservation of Temporary Ponds - Assessment of the Conservation Status of "Veiga de Ponteliñares", NW Spain (Natura 2000 Network), Using Freshwater Invertebrates
12 A First Approach to Assess the Impact of Bottom Trawling Over Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems on the High Seas of the Southwest Atlantic
13 Agrorural Ecosystem Effects on the Macroinvertebrate Assemblages of a Tropical River
14 Ecohidrology and Nutrient Fluxes in Forest Ecosystems of Southern Chile
15 Ecological Flexibility of the Top Predator in an Island Ecosystem - The Iriomote Cat Changes Feeding Patterns in Relation to Prey Availability
16 Grasses (Poaceae) of Easter Island - Native and Introduced Species Diversity
17 Plant Structure in the Brazilian Neotropical Savannah Species
18 Social Perception and Supply of Ecosystem Services - A Watershed Approach for Carbon Related Ecosystem Services
19 The Importance of Large Trees in Shrine Forests for the Conservation of Epiphytic Bryophytes in Urban Areas
20 Miombo Woodlands Research Towards the Sustainable Use of Ecosystem Services in Southern Africa
21 Ecological Restoration in Conservation Units
22 Actions for the Restoration of the Biodiversity of Forest Ecosystems in Cuba
23 Biodiversity in Metal-Contaminated Sites - Problem and Perspective - A Case Study
24 Underutilized Crops and Intercrops in Crop Rotation as Factors for Increasing Biodiversity on Fields
25 Protected Areas and Ecosystem Services - Integrating Grassland Conservation with Human Well-Being in South Africa
26 Shortage of Biodiversity in Grassland
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