Pluralsight - Scaling Go Applications Horizontally 2016 TUTORiAL

Pluralsight - Scaling Go Applications Horizontally 2016 TUTORiAL
Pluralsight - Scaling Go Applications Horizontally 2016 TUTORiAL | 546 MB

Go allows highly performant applications to be built easily due to its focus on simplicity and speed. However, there comes a point where an application simply can't keep up when operating in a single process.
This course, Scaling Go Applications Horizontally, will offer a series of techniques that will teach you how to spread the load out amongst many different processes. You'll also learn how to create distributed applications that can scale dynamically to meet changing demands. And, in order to gain the best possible understanding of the challenges and potential solutions, you'll learn how to write everything in pure Go, relying only on the standard library and no third party libraries for assistance. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to understand what a third-party library can do to help you, or if you can get by with a custom solution. By the end of this course, you'll be able to refactor and scale your Go applications across multiple servers so that your apps can run faster and simpler than ever.

Course Overview1m 10s
Course Overview1m 10s
Introduction50m 32s
Introduction2m 50s
The Problem3m 0s
Possible Solutions5m 38s
Horizontal Scaling Technologies8m 17s
Target Audience4m 36s
Demo: Scenario Overview8m 53s
Demo: Building and Running10m 8s
The Plan4m 18s
Course Outline2m 47s
Initial Optimizations35m 25s
Introduction1m 49s
Content Compression2m 55s
Demo: Adding gzip14m 11s
HTTP/24m 30s
Demo: Changing to HTTP/29m 58s
Summary1m 59s
Scaling the Web Service Tier via Load Balancing51m 17s
Introduction1m 46s
Target Architecture4m 5s
Demo: Building the Load Balancer13m 24s
Provider Registration1m 29s
Service Discovery3m 24s
Service Termination1m 32s
Heartbeat Checks1m 33s
Demo: Service Registration in the Load Balancer12m 39s
Demo: Service Registration in the App Servers3m 55s
Demo: Running the Load Balanced System5m 0s
Summary2m 25s
Adding a Caching Service45m 48s
Introduction1m 27s
Advantages of Caching3m 57s
Caching Strategies4m 57s
Demo Overview1m 41s
Demo: Building a Caching Service14m 15s
Demo: Integrating the Caching Service11m 40s
Demo: Using the Caching Service4m 49s
Summary2m 57s
Centralized Logging37m 57s
Introduction1m 44s
Why Use Logs?3m 36s
Challenge of Logging in a Decentralized Application1m 55s
Demo Plan1m 31s
Demo: Building the Logging Service16m 0s
Demo: Integrating the Logging Service6m 17s
Demo: Testing the Logging Service3m 58s
Summary2m 54s


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