Expert Strategies in Product Creation

Expert Strategies in Product Creation
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Product Creation Secrets Proven To Make Money - Top Way To Earn $500 - $10,000 A Month Online With Your Own Ideas

Heres a sample of some of the great things youll learn:

This is my favorite never fail way to find product ideas EVEN IN SUPER-COMPETITIVE NICHES - Lecture 24
Ive tried every trick in the book for creating products and I discovered something I didnt expect. In Section 2, Ill show you the one method that actually works every time
The simple thing you can do in your niche to give yourself a whole series of valuable products you can sell individually (or you can wrap them all together into a $497 masterclass) - Lecture 4
The CRITICAL step you MUST take when you sell your products to make sure buyers become YOUR customers! Dont Miss This! - Lecture 16
Most newbies quit before they finish their first product because they didnt follow this simple rule. Ill show you what to do instead in Lecture 2
The right way to approach product creation...(Handle this situation the wrong way and you may end up wasting weeks of time on a product that no one wants) - Lecture 9
A fantastic method you can use to unfreeze your brain and start a flow of ideas about any topic - Lecture 4
Students told me they learn best by seeing how others do I included real-life examples where you can see exactly how I put a real-life product together...including how I did this course! - Section 2
A step-by-step process anyone can use to reveal sellable product ideas within broad (and competitive) niches - Lecture 2
Most people completely overlook this idea for delivering your product...In Section 3, Ill tell you how to use this free method to connect with your buyers while creating something valuable you can sell! - Lecture 10
In Section 5, Ill show you the 3 platforms where youre products can and should be for sale...most people make the mistake of focusing on just one of these (and their leaving A LOT of money on the table!)
Ill reveal the REAL REASON people hesitate to buy from you when youre first starting out...and what to do about it - Lecture 15
Would you like to take your big idea and finally get it completed and for sale? In Section 3, I will show you exactly what to do today - including how to start earning money now even if youre ultimate goal is to write a 500 page guide - Lecture 9
Unlike most other courses on Udemy, this course is delivered in their preferred teaching method covering the two most common learning styles so you get the proven best learning experience available
Most people have no idea how to promote Lecture 15, Ill tell you the most effective (and profitable!) ways to spread the word about you and your products
How to parlay one product into many different profit other course shares this insider information (but Ill reveal everything to you) - Section 6
Heres how I turn a spreadsheet into a simple project plan for an information product empire so you never have to wonder what to work on next - Lecture 5
The 3-Phase Approach to writing books that GUARANTEES youll have a product people want to hand you their hard-earned cash for - Lecture 9
Most people dont know where to begin when they sit down to work on their product. In Video 5, Ill reveal my "Questions Method" for coming up with ideas so you never get stuck again - Lecture 4
Heres a sneaky tactic that quickly allows you to build a following AND get feedback about your products at the same time - Lecture 15
I used to get writers block all the time until I accidentally stumbled across this...In Lecture 24 I reveal what I discovered and how you can use it to never get ‘blocked again
WARNING: When you sell products through these companies, you give up control over the most important (and profitable) part of the sale...Ill tell you what it is and why it matters. Dont miss this video training! - Lecture 17
Heres a strategic method for turning one product into three to GUARANTEE you can get the highest profit from your product - Lecture 12
Ill give you the names of 3 marketplaces where you can safely list your products for sale and connect with other like-minded people - PLUS these businesses take care of all the accounting if you decide to let other marketers promote and sell your products - Lecture 16
Most people believe getting a product in the right format is costly...Ill take you by the hand and explain what formats you should use to do it yourself for free (without jeopordizing quality) - Lecture 8 - 10
How to create an info product people actually want instead of one you "think" they want...a simple way to find out what your customers REALLY need (even if you have no email subscribers or prior customers to ask) - Lecture 9
Ill reveal to you the Free tool pros use to edit recordings...(its available for Mac or PC) - Lecture 10
The 4 best formats for information products revealed including the fastest and easiest (hint: its NOT writing ebooks!) - Section 3
Heres one of my favorites! - In Lecture 11, Ill tell you about the product format that commands the highest price...people LOVE information products delivered this way and they pay for it!
I never thought I could write ebooks until I discovered this method I share in Lecture 9. Now I can write several per week
Most people ignore this way of selling information products because they are afraid of it and they dont understand it...Ill debunk the myths and show you why this may be the best way to sell your products...especially when youre just starting out - Lecture 16
If you plan to have others sell your products for you (and you should!)...Ill show you how much to pay them and explain why the more you pay... the better results you get (PLUS what to do to GUARANTEE you make your money back ) - Lecture 16
Ill show you yet another place to put your information products for sale...where millions of BUYERS are shopping every day for new and valuable information - Lecture 17
Use this simple technique to save hours of time in your business...this one seems so obvious and yet most people I meet arent doing it! - Lecture 20
My special secret for squeezing extra profits out of old or out-dated information products...(if you have products gathering virtual dust on your hard drive - use this to make money from those products today) - Lecture 20
And much, much more...

Youll Also Get These Additional Bonuses

When you enroll in this course right now, youll also get these companion bonuses that Ive put together. This is my NEWEST information...

In this Bonus report, I address one of the biggest problem new product creators have: They dont know what to do next! Ive had so many students over time write to me and say "...I got my product created but then I got stuck on what all to do NEXT! My checklist eliminates that problem once and for all giving you a step-by-step checklist of what to do so you start making money and growing your email list with buyers. - Section 4

NEXT - Let me show you exactly how I find unlimited ideas for information products and how I secretly get people who are looking for this information over to my website where I can add them to my email list! - Section 8

Heres How It Works...

When you scroll up and click the green button that says ‘Take This Course, youll go to a secure order page for your credit card information and set up your account with Udemy - if you dont already have one. After you complete the purchase, youll get instant access to my course so you can start right away.

The transaction is completely secure.

The whole process takes a minute or two to complete and youll be watching the first lecture within 5 minutes.

Once you get enrolled, I recommend looking through the courses. Watch the lecture for any topic that you need information on right away. Then go back and start the course from the beginning and follow it all the way through.

Keep in mind, the course is yours to keep including all future course updates, new material and changes. PLUS, you can interact with me anytime using the student / instructor chat feature.

Remember: Youll be able to reference this course over and over again as youre building your online business.

Heres a Quick Review Of What You Get

1. Instant access to all 24+ Lectures of my course on how to create information products to sell online.

2. Bonus checklist that shows you exactly what to do after you create your product to get it online and up for sale so you start making money

3. Bonus video where you get to watch over my shoulder while I show you how I find hot topics that I can use to create blog posts or new information products...

4. Students in the course get to interact with me directly via the Udemy chat feature so you can get answers to any questions you have about the course or your particular situation.

Let me ask you, what would happen if this course helped you get to the next level in your online business? What if you got just ONE more sale thanks to the information I share? What would that be worth to you?

Now ask yourself: What if theres a chance this course will teach you how to create product after product you can sell online and finally have financial freedom? What if you really can take what I teach and finally have more time - time to spend with your do what YOU want?

How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More? For most people I know, it would be priceless.

Just the possibility of having this kind of success would be worth the investment. I have personally invested thousands of dollars and four years of my life learning what I share in this course about creating products to sell online.

I only wish that someone had taken all of this valuable information and shared it with me when I was starting out. I wish I would have been able to buy this knowledge and experience for such a low price. And I know that youll be glad you made the investment in yourself once you have your first success after taking this course.

Heres my question: What do you have for sale online right now? If you keep doing what youve been doing - will next month or next year be any different?

How would it feel to stop spinning your wheels and start making money?

If that would feel good, lets get started. Make the decision right now to scroll up and click ‘Take This Course and Ill see you inside...


Jim Shirley

P.S. Every tip, every strategy, every technique I share in this course is PROVEN to work. I use them personally in my own business and I know they will work for you too.

P.P.S. This course has a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - no questions asked. If, for any reason, you decide this course is not for you, simply ask for a refund.

What have you got to lose?

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