Lynda - Access 2016: Queries in Depth 2016 TUTORiAL

Lynda - Access 2016: Queries in Depth 2016 TUTORiAL
Lynda - Access 2016: Queries in Depth 2016 TUTORiAL | 760 MB

Learn how to find and translate complex raw data into information you can use to make better decisions, with Access queries. Access expert Adam Wilbert explains how to create real-world queries to filter and sort data and perform calculations, as well as refine query results with built-in functions, all while offering challenges that help you master the material.
Find out how to identify top performers, automate repetitive analysis tasks, make queries more flexible with parameter requests, and increase accuracy and consistency in your database using program flow functions. Adam closes with an assortment of useful query tricks. Take the challenges posed along the way to test and practice your new Access skills.

3m 35s
1m 3s
Using the exercise files
Trusting the exercise files
1m 45s
Explaining the challenges
1. Introduction to Access Queries
26m 2s
The H+ Sport database
5m 39s
Understand queries
4m 46s
Create a query with the wizard
6m 40s
Modify a query with the design interface
8m 57s
2. Creating Simple Select Queries
37m 20s
Define query criteria
8m 51s
Understand comparison operators
4m 2s
Use wildcards in criteria
3m 20s
Rename the column headers
3m 11s
Explore the property sheet
7m 31s
Work with joins
6m 38s
Challenge: Create a select query
Solution: Create a select query
3m 15s
3. Creating Parameter Queries
22m 3s
Understand parameter queries
6m 12s
Obtain parameters from forms
6m 51s
Use a combo box to select criteria
4m 17s
Challenge: Gather employee emails based on department
Solution: Gather employee emails based on department
4m 5s
4. Use the Built-In Functions
22m 50s
Explore the Expression Builder interface
4m 29s
Use mathematical operators
6m 59s
Apply functions to text
8m 17s
Challenge: Convert US dollars to Canadian dollars
Solution: Convert US dollars to Canadian dollars
2m 37s
5. Aggregating Records with a Totals Query
12m 17s
Summarize data with aggregate functions
4m 30s
Understand the Totals field
5m 53s
Use the WHERE clause
1m 54s
6. Working with Dates in Queries
40m 5s
Dates as serial numbers
4m 52s
Select a range of dates or times
3m 10s
Date and time functions
4m 42s
Format dates
5m 12s
Sort dates chronologically
5m 26s
Obtain today's date
2m 9s
Calculate elapsed time with DateDiff()
4m 43s
Calculate time intervals with DateAdd()
4m 3s
Challenge: Expand order details
Solution: Expand order details
5m 15s
7. Understanding Program Flow Functions
21m 2s
IIf() conditional statement
2m 20s
Create an IIf() function
5m 52s
Use the Switch() function
6m 26s
Challenge: Calculate sales price for a product line
Solution: Calculate sales price for a product line
5m 57s
8. Alternative Query Types
32m 1s
Find duplicate records
4m 20s
Identify unmatched records
3m 34s
Create an unmatched records query
2m 34s
Make a crosstab query
2m 35s
Add information to a crosstab query
5m 46s
Create a backup of the database
1m 40s
Update data with a query
4m 41s
Make table, delete, and append queries
6m 51s
9. Writing Queries with Structured Query Language
13m 59s
Explore the basics of SQL
5m 59s
Create a union query to join tables
3m 52s
Nest SQL code in other queries
4m 8s
10. Useful Query Tricks
17m 16s
Pull random records from the database
2m 46s
Return records above or below the average
4m 8s
Process a column of values with domain functions
5m 43s
Challenge: Identify the highest and lowest pricing markup
Solution: Identify the highest and lowest pricing markup
4m 14s
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