Lynda - Audition CC Essential Training 2016 TUTORiAL

Lynda - Audition CC Essential Training 2016 TUTORiAL
Lynda - Audition CC Essential Training 2016 TUTORiAL | 2.37 GB

Discover the powerful audio-editing tool set offered in Audition CC. In this course, author Maxim Jago shows how to navigate the interface and understand fundamental audio concepts. Editors who have traditionally completed audio work inside a nonlinear editing system will benefit from discovering the tools, workflows, and terminology used in professional audio post-production.
Check out the new chapter, "2015 Creative Cloud New Features," for information on the latest features and enhancements in Audition CC.

Adobe Audition
1m 7s
What is Audition?
1m 7s
1m 12s
1m 12s
2015 Creative Cloud New Features
21m 38s
New features in Creative Cloud 2015
4m 51s
Speech volume leveler
1m 46s
iXML support
1m 19s
Dynamic Link video streaming
4m 40s
Automatic session file backup
2m 58s
Linking media
3m 33s
Copy imported assets to session folder
2m 31s
2015.2 New Features
29m 34s
Introducing the Essential Sound panel: Multitrack NEW
4m 47s
Essential Sound adjustments for dialogue NEW
8m 14s
Essential Sound adjustments for music NEW
5m 19s
Essential Sound adjustments for SFX NEW
4m 5s
Essential Sound adjustments for ambience NEW
3m 16s
Exporting video with Adobe Media Encoder NEW
3m 53s
2015.1 New Features
24m 54s
New features for the 2015.1 and 2015.2 updates NEW
3m 57s
Create spoken words with the Generate Speech tool NEW
5m 38s
Adjust duration with REMIX NEW
5m 42s
Stacked panels and workspaces NEW
5m 42s
Additional new features NEW
3m 55s
1. Introducing Adobe Audition CC
25m 41s
Meeting 64-bit Adobe Audition
5m 58s
Comparing audio file and multitrack session workflows
5m 48s
Additional panels
5m 48s
Setting up audio hardware input and output
6m 0s
Setting up audio channel mapping
2m 7s
2. Important Audio Terminology
13m 9s
Understanding frequency
4m 12s
Understanding amplitude
2m 20s
Understanding sample rate
3m 45s
Understanding bit depth
2m 52s
3. Importing and Managing Media Files
21m 28s
Importing audio files and browsing media
4m 18s
Extracting tracks from a CD
3m 0s
Creating a new audio file
4m 49s
Recording an audio file
4m 51s
Importing video files
4m 30s
4. Working with Sound Files
33m 41s
Comparing waveforms and the Spectral Frequency Display
5m 0s
Understanding the Spectral Pitch Display
2m 28s
Making selections
4m 31s
Using the playback controls
6m 40s
Using the zoom controls
5m 43s
Adding markers
5m 31s
Using the Paintbrush Selection tool
3m 48s
5. Standard Waveform Audio Adjustments
24m 44s
Manually adjusting audio level
4m 12s
Normalizing audio level
7m 3s
Adding fades
5m 30s
Using the clipboard
3m 38s
Using Mix Paste
4m 21s
6. Adding Special Effects to a File
35m 39s
Comparing the Effects Rack with the Effects menu
5m 29s
Using the Effects Rack to combine effects
6m 2s
Understanding the power of the Preview Editor
5m 45s
Applying automatic pitch correction
3m 44s
Adjusting pitch
4m 27s
Adjusting pitch over time
5m 19s
Accessing VST plugin effects
4m 53s
7. Cleaning Up Audio
25m 41s
Using the Spectral Frequency Display to clean up your audio
4m 40s
Adaptive noise reduction
7m 6s
Simple settings for noise reduction
7m 27s
Removing a specific sound
1m 43s
Using the Sound Remover effect
4m 45s
8. Multitrack Editing
39m 29s
Creating a multitrack session
7m 23s
Navigating the multitrack view
6m 28s
Understanding the track header controls
6m 57s
Adding, moving, and removing clips
5m 16s
Staying organized with track colors
4m 36s
Understanding the mixer
5m 4s
The multitrack tools
3m 45s
9. Standard Multitrack Controls
48m 34s
Managing track routing and buses
7m 5s
Adjusting clip level and pan with envelopes
6m 5s
Adjusting track level over time with envelopes
5m 0s
Matching audio level between multiple clips
3m 37s
Analyzing level with the Loudness Radar Meter
5m 14s
Grouping clips
3m 46s
Stretching time
3m 53s
Overlapping clips
2m 53s
Adding fades to multiple clips
2m 42s
Applying track-based equalization
5m 3s
Exploring your audio with the Frequency Analysis panel
3m 16s
10. Multitrack Special Effects
27m 12s
Comparing track-based and clip-based effects
4m 56s
Applying reverb or delay
3m 28s
Adding compression
5m 0s
Using presets and favorites
5m 5s
Using the mixer for track-level automation
5m 5s
Saving time with multitrack templates
3m 38s
11. Integration and Output
25m 54s
Sending a sequence from Premiere Pro to Audition
3m 49s
Sending your multitrack session to Premiere Pro
5m 56s
Saving your multitrack session to different formats
4m 45s
Burning a music CD
4m 21s
Importing XML files
1m 53s
Exporting a session to OMF and XML
4m 11s
Outputting to SoundCloud


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