Pluralsight - Dynamic C# Fundamentals 2016 TUTORiAL

Pluralsight - Dynamic C# Fundamentals 2016 TUTORiAL
Pluralsight - Dynamic C# Fundamentals 2016 TUTORiAL | 449 MB

While C# is a statically typed language, it also has (often overlooked) dynamic features. For example, using the dynamic keyword allows the instantiation of dynamic objects whose structure is not known by the compiler at compile time. In this course, Dynamic C# Fundamentals, you'll learn how the use of dynamic C# makes some difficult and cumbersome programming tasks easier to write and work with.
You'll learn how dynamic C# can make COM interop easier, enable adding of arbitrary properties at runtime, and simplify working with JSON and SQL data. You'll also discover how the dynamic keyword can reduce XAML boilerplate binding code and even enable interoperation with other dynamic languages such as Python. By the end of this course, you'll know how to take advantage of dynamic C# in order to reduce the amount of code that needs to be written, make it more readable, and give yourself more time to deliver more features to the customer.

Course Overview
1m 17s
Course Overview 1m 17s
Introducing Dynamic C#
58m 34s
Introduction 2m 54s
Why Dynamic C#? 4m 35s
Course Outline 1m 24s
Introducing the DLR 3m 40s
Static and Dynamic Binding 3m 15s
Dynamic Binding in Action and RuntimeBinderException 7m 32s
Implicit Dynamic Conversions 5m 28s
Var and Dynamic 2m 13s
Runtime Method Resolution 7m 21s
Dynamic and Object Types 2m 48s
Limitations of Callable Methods 3m 53s
Introducing ExpandoObject 1m 24s
Refactoring to Dynamic 7m 55s
Dynamically Adding ExpandoObject Behavior 2m 7s
Summary 1m 58s
Simplifying Code with Dynamic C#
46m 43s
Introduction 2m 11s
Simplifying Reflection Code 4m 46s
Reducing Code with Unified Numeric Methods 9m 8s
COM Interop Without Interop Assemblies 4m 24s
Reducing Plumbing Code with Dynamic JSON 3m 42s
Dynamically Populating Excel with Arbitrary JSON Data 2m 19s
Dynamic JSON in Web API 2m 23s
ExpandoObject and XAML Databinding 3m 35s
Dynamic SQL Query Results with Dapper 5m 10s
Improving SpecFlow Test Code with Dynamics 4m 14s
Dynamic Code Considerations 1m 53s
Summary 2m 51s
Creating Custom Dynamic Classes
40m 41s
Introduction 1m 49s
Why Custom Dynamic Classes? 1m 47s
The IDynamicMetaObjectProvider Interface 1m 12s
The DynamicObject Base Class 3m 10s
Creating a Dynamic HtmlElement Class 2m 3s
Creating the First Test 2m 26s
Adding Initial Dynamic Capabilities 4m 48s
Dynamic Operation Exceptions 3m 3s
Improving the Debugger Experience 3m 33s
Overriding ToString 2m 35s
Implementing Additional Interfaces 3m 21s
Making the Dynamic Object Enumerable 1m 1s
Implementing Dynamic Methods 4m 3s
Method Invocation Precedence 1m 32s
Invoking the Dynamic Object Itself 2m 13s
Summary 2m 0s
Interoperating with Dynamic Languages
22m 57s
Introduction 1m 34s
Why Dynamic Interop? 1m 46s
Getting Started with IronPython 3m 50s
Getting Scring Input from the User 4m 53s
Scring Risks 0m 22s
Executing Python Statements 3m 9s
Interacting with Python Objects 2m 22s
Passing Custom Dynamic Objects to Python 3m 31s
Summary 1m 26s


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