Improve Your Memory: How to gain more clarity, retain knowledge and obtain mental mastery

Improve Your Memory: How to gain more clarity, retain knowledge and obtain mental mastery

"Improve Your Memory: How to gain more clarity, retain knowledge and obtain mental mastery" by Reid Cahill
2014 | EPUB | 57 pages | ISBN: 1508561311 | English | 0.1 MB

with these great memory training tips

Have you noticed that you are struggling with recalling things at work or at home?

Want to improve your memory so you can build better focus, attention span and concentration?

Become a master of your own memory!

At lot of people have issues with retaining knowledge, it could be for a school exam or a handful of names when meeting new people at a gathering. You are not alone.
Did you know that with a small amount of dedicated training you can reverse a lot of these issues by becoming more present, mindful and aware. These life relevant tips will guide you to improvement of your memory in just 21 days.

Read the simple and easy-to-follow tips in Improve your Memory
No matter how long you've struggled with recalling key terms or items or remembering where to locate things, this guide will show you how to unlock your memory power. Having better memory and focus will allow you to introduce many awesome changes to your life!

Raise your awareness about your potential. Is it being wasted?
Science now knows that your daily thoughts are sorted in your memory and unconscious mind while you are sleeping. Are you the type of person who burns the candle at both ends? Chances are you are not getting enough sleep, and so your memory can't work efficiently. Eventually, this results in loss of performance at work. Your memory needs time to be able to work so give it a break.

Why do you keep sabotaging yourself?
Did you know that your morning "pick me up" does not actually stimulate you, it gets you to normal levels. Its stimulating effects are short-term, and then you just start fighting the withdrawal symptoms. Taking in a lot of sugar to pep up your brain follows a similar high - low cycle that leads to an inefficient working memory. Work at replacing bad habits with new ones and you will be on a new path to memory success. A life without sugary junk food, caffeine and enhanced sleep will do you wonders.

Build good habits to increase memory training success!
Memory can be trained with just small 5-10 minute sessions during the day. Often, we have more time than we think to build our memory banks while on the move. Are you waiting for transport to work, or waiting in a queue? These are perfect opportunities to apply memory training and build new habits. Become more aware and hence guide your memory to help you recall important points on demand.

Songs of recall and the magical music memory
New scientific research has discovered that music can play a key part in the way you store new information. You know how a song can replay in your head sometimes having heard just a small part of it from the radio or passing a store. You can use music as a technique to train your memory by associating key terms with your favorite songs.

Relax your mind and improve your memory
How many times have you thought "I'm just too busy to get something done"? The 21st century brings us an uncommon challenge, drowning in data, day after day. This book shares techniques to relax on demand, settle your mind and give it a break. Practising presence during the day and these relaxation techniques will have your memory thanking you for making the task easier.

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