Dead In Bermuda v1 1 RIP MULTI5-ALiAS

Dead In Bermuda v1 1 RIP MULTI5-ALiAS

Dead In Bermuda v1 1 RIP MULTI5-ALiAS
Size - 130.52 MB

Dead In Bermuda v1.1 RIP
(c) Plug In Digital
Release date: 28/08/2016          Protection: Steam
Files: 14x10.00MB                 Language: MULTI5
DEAD IN BERMUDA is a survival management game with RPG and
adventure elements, in which you lead a team of 8 survivors from a
plane crash on a strange island. Assign your survivors to tasks,
gain experience and develop your survival skills, research and
craft new items for the camp, explore the island for resources and
solve the mysteries behind an ancient atlantean prophecy.
Key Features:
- Manage the well-being of your team: they can die from Hunger,
Fatigue, Sickness, Injury and Depression as well as lack of water.
- Relationships between characters evolve! They can argue, become
friends and even lovers.
- Research & Craft to upgrade your camp.
- Deep RPG system running behind the scenes: the efficiency of every
action is tied to character skill, opinions and the state of the
- Exploration: 100 map areas to discover, each with its own rewards
or traps!
- Randomized elements: the map, the items, the dialogs, the skills
and traits of your characters changes every new game.
- Special encounters in the jungle with choose-you-own-adventure
like elements.
- Easy to play, but hard to survive!
1. Unzip & Unrar
2. Install the Game
3. Have Fun!!!!
- The game is now playable in German and Russian!
- English proofread and corrected (Big mega thx to Hubaloo2!)
- Some small fixes
- 50 new dialogs, mostly for the endgame (day 40+)
- Cook Fish & Meat at your campfire! You can now cook without the
cooking pot, right from the start, at the expense of fire intensity.
(click on the campfire to get the option)
- Exploration now carry over the next area, so you dont lose
anymore the extra points. You can even explore several tiles at a
- Camp stations condition now degrades over time! You must repair
them from time to time, using resources.
- Click on a camp station to check condition and repair it.
- The station condition is indicated in the HUD by a percentage
bar. BEWARE, the percentage indicates a flat multiplier on the
efficiency of the station, so its rather important.
- For example, if the fruit basket would give you 2 to 5 fruits,
with its condition at 80% you will get only 1.6 to 4 fruits (80% of
the 2 to 5).
- The more you use a station, the more it deteriorates. The
deterioration value increases over time too.
- Effects of time: now, the longer you stay on the island, the
harder it gets to do some actions:
- Some camp stations give less resources.
- The negative effects on states become higher. (it gets more
tiring to explore the other end of the map)
- The characters start getting a bit of depression overnight too.
- The effects are not so visible until the very late game (at
start, your characters becoming better at doing things compensate
the effects of time)
- Easy mode:  the game getting a bit more challenging, we added an
easy mode that you can activate at any time in the options menu. It
just decreases the negative states increases, but doesnt touch to
anything else, so you can enjoy the game as it is.
- Completely reworked the balancing ## The game should be a bit
harder around day 10
- And keep being challenging for a longer time until the end
- Stealth skillchecks reworked: now they get harder over time, so
that a character with 100 Stealth wont get a 100% chance to avoid
monsters anymore## There are also caps: you cant get lower than
10%, and higher than 90% chances.
- Some objects in the jungle have been tweaked: no more infinite
uses, and generally less uses of specific actions (but better
- Using the Talk action at the firecamp has a better chance of
giving positive opinions between characters. ## Dont forget:
depressed characters now have more chances to get negative opinions.
- A dialog wont trigger anymore if one character that is mentioned
in it is dead.
- Added some additional steps to camera panning with arrow keys in
the camp.
- Dont forget, you can use arrows and keyboard shortcuts to
navigate the game, it makes your life really easier than always
dragndropping characters around.
- You can also right-click instead of dragging.
- And you can use arrows to switch between characters in the Use
Item menu and Character Sheet.
- Various small fixes.
- Corrected a visual bug where you could get the impression that
Injury got lower after a monster fight (because the action result
decreased your injury more than the fights increase)
- Improved camp HUD: it now shows more State bars for characters at
a station (not only the ones which will increase, but also the ones
that will decrease)
1. Don't forget to add an exception to your antivirus (if required)
2. Block all game executables in your firewall
Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!
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Dead In Bermuda v1 1 RIP MULTI5-ALiAS

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