VideoStorm Sweden Fast Video Cataloger v4 14 x64-DVT

VideoStorm Sweden Fast Video Cataloger v4 14 x64-DVT

VideoStorm Sweden Fast Video Cataloger v4 14 x64-DVT
Size - 18.17 MB

....P  R  E  S  E  N  T  S....
VideoStorm Sweden Fast Video Cataloger v4.14
Released on 10/08/16 for exclusive usage by
members of the release scene. This isnt something
to share with your school mates and not for sale.
Go and ask mommy to buy this app if you like it!
Company ..: VideoStorm Sweden AB
Url ......:
Release Information
Fast Video Cataloger is the new way to get your
video clips organized without wasting days. Search,
browse, find and play all your digital video files.
Finally, A Media Center AND Manager in One. Fast
Video Cataloger lets you build your personal and
private library from all of your videos
effortlessly in just one spot. Not only that, it
plays videos directly from thumbnails using the
integrated video player. No more jumping back and
forth through programs!
Are you tired of your video library being scattered
across your computer and devices?
Fast Video Cataloger automatically create evenly
spaced thumbnails for each clip to assist searching
through large collections of video clips on your PC
in the fastest possible way. You can have all your
videos organized without effort. We support video
clips on your PC, External hard drives, usb sticks,
DVDs, Dropbox.
Picture yourself searching your entire media clip
collection for those beach shots that you think you
have. You be done in seconds instead of hours.
Fast Video Cataloger use the real power of your own
PC which makes it faster than any server or cloud
video asset management system can ever hope to be.
Fast Video Cataloger is written and coded
exclusively for Windows PC's. By not focusing on
other operating systems, we're able to dedicate our
full support and development on one system as we
have for years. It runs directly on your computer
and not in the cloud, so there is no internet lag
or waiting for servers. This allows us to let Fast
Video Cataloger make full use of modern
high-performance hardware. This includes multi-core
CPU's and even your graphics card for accelerated
performance so your videos won't skip a beat and
your library loads as fast as technologically
Install Notes
1. Unpack & install.
2. Enjoy!
Group Notes
Currently, we have open positions to fill:
- You are a advanced cracker, and you are
interested to work on challenging software
protections, including retail (non public)
supplies, and/or iso utils.
You are familar with the common crypto
algorithms, or you are able to defeat commercial
software protection systems, such as Armadillo,
ASProtect, FlexLM, etc.
- You work at a software distribution place,
electronic store, software magazine, or any other
place where you are able to get fresh, unreleased
copies of applications, be it the mainstream, or
the more special stuff. Or if you have access in
any other way to registered user areas or such to
obtain retail software, which you are able to give
as a supply - be it for internal use only, or for
release usage.
- You work at a ISP, University or any other company
with at least 50mbit up/down and are able to
provide/share this connection for our usage.
People with an upstream below 50mbit do not need
to apply.
- You are able to provide hardware for our internal
- You are useful in any other way.
If one of the above fits your qualifications, do
not hesitate to contact us via jabber:
[email protected]
when contacting via MSN, please make sure to have
OTR ( installed,
(( nFO layout by ixlover / buddha ))

VideoStorm Sweden Fast Video Cataloger v4 14 x64-DVT

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VideoStorm Sweden Fast Video Cataloger v4 14 x64-DVT

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