DefCon USA 2015

DefCon USA 2015

DefCon USA 2015
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Size: 29.7 GB | Genre: Development / Programming / Security / Hacking

DEF CON is all about thinking up cool and new ways to approach everything from the most complex modern technology to hacking grandma's toaster. Show us and the world what you have been up to and what attack exploits, defensive techniques, or unique research you have been working on.

Movies | Audio | Presentation Name
movies/DC-101.mp4 = mp3/DC-101.mp3 = Introduction To SDR And The Wireless Village
movies/DC-102.mp4 = mp3/DC-102.mp3 = Hackers Hiring Hackers - How To Do Things Better
movies/DC-103.mp4 = mp3/DC-103.mp3 = DEF CON 101: The Panel.
movies/DC-104.mp4 = mp3/DC-104.mp3 = Beyond The Scan: The Value Proposition Of Vulnerability Assessment
movies/DC-105.mp4 = mp3/DC-105.mp3 = RICKASTLEY Talk
movies/DC-106.mp4 = mp3/DC-106.mp3 = Guests N' Goblins: Exposing Wi-Fi Exfiltration Risks And Mitigation Techniques
movies/DC-107.mp4 = mp3/DC-107.mp3 = Dark Side Of The ELF - Leveraging Dynamic Loading To Pwn Noobs
movies/DC-108.mp4 = mp3/DC-108.mp3 = Medical Devices: Pwnage And Honeypots
movies/DC-201.mp4 = mp3/DC-201.mp3 = NSM 101 For ICS
movies/DC-202.mp4 = mp3/DC-202.mp3 = Crypto For Hackers
movies/DC-203.mp4 = mp3/DC-203.mp3 = Bruce Schneier Q&A
movies/DC-204.mp4 = mp3/DC-204.mp3 = Applied Intelligence: Using Information That's Not There
movies/DC-205.mp4 = mp3/DC-205.mp3 = Hacking SQL Injection For Remote Code Execution On A LAMP Stack
movies/DC-206.mp4 = mp3/DC-206.mp3 = Chellam - A Wi-Fi IDS/Firewall For Windows
movies/DC-207.mp4 = mp3/DC-207.mp3 = LTE Recon And Tracking With RTLSDR
movies/DC-208.mp4 = mp3/DC-208.mp3 = Detecting Randomly Generated Strings; A Language Based Approach
movies/DC-209.mp4 = mp3/DC-209.mp3 = I Am Packer And So Can You
movies/DC-210.mp4 = mp3/DC-210.mp3 = Rocking The Pocket Book: Hacking Chemical Plant For Competition And Extortion
movies/DC-301.mp4 = mp3/DC-301.mp3 = A Hacker's Guide To Risk
movies/DC-302.mp4 = mp3/DC-302.mp3 = And That's How I Lost My Other Eye: Further Explorations In Data Destruction
movies/DC-303.mp4 = mp3/DC-303.mp3 = Are We Really Safe? - Bypassing Access Control Systems
movies/DC-304.mp4 = mp3/DC-304.mp3 = It's The Only Way To Be Sure: Obtaining And Detecting Domain Persistence
movies/DC-305.mp4 = mp3/DC-305.mp3 = Abusing XSLT For Practical Attacks
movies/DC-306.mp4 = mp3/DC-306.mp3 = Extending Fuzzing Grammars To Exploit Unexplored Code Paths In Modern Web Browsers
movies/DC-307.mp4 = mp3/DC-307.mp3 = How To Shot Web: Web And Mobile Hacking In 2015
movies/DC-308.mp4 = mp3/DC-308.mp3 = The Bieber Project: Ad Tech 101, Fake Fans And Adventures In Buying Internet Traffic
movies/DC-309.mp4 = mp3/DC-309.mp3 = Game Of Hacks: Play, Hack & Track
movies/DC-310.mp4 = mp3/DC-310.mp3 = Linux Containers: Future Or Fantasy?
movies/DC-401.mp4 = mp3/DC-401.mp3 = Abusing Native Shims For Post Exploitation
movies/DC-402.mp4 = mp3/DC-402.mp3 = Ubiquity Forensics - Your ICloud And You
movies/DC-403.mp4 = mp3/DC-403.mp3 = Hijacking Arbitrary .NET Application Control Flow
movies/DC-404.mp4 = mp3/DC-404.mp3 = RFIDiggity: Pentester Guide To Hacking HF/NFC And UHF RFID
movies/DC-405.mp4 = mp3/DC-405.mp3 = Contest Closing Ceremonies From 2 To 4
movies/T1-201.mp4 = mp3/T1-201.mp3 = Shall We Play A Game?
movies/T1-202.mp4 = mp3/T1-202.mp3 = Stagefright: Scary Code In The Heart Of Android
movies/T1-203.mp4 = mp3/T1-203.mp3 = Malware In The Gaming Micro-economy
movies/T1-204.mp4 = mp3/T1-204.mp3 = Insteon' False Security And Deceptive Documentation
movies/T1-205.mp4 = mp3/T1-205.mp3 = Build A Free Cellular Traffic Capture Tool With A Vxworks Based Femoto
movies/T1-206.mp4 = mp3/T1-206.mp3 = How To Hack Your Way Out Of Home Detention
movies/T1-207.mp4 = mp3/T1-207.mp3 = Unbootable: Exploiting The PayLock SmartBoot Vehicle Immobilizer
movies/T1-208.mp4 = mp3/T1-208.mp3 = How To Secure The Keyboard Chain
movies/T1-209.mp4 = mp3/T1-209.mp3 = When IoT Attacks: Hacking A Linux-powered Rifle
movies/T1-210.mp4 = mp3/T1-210.mp3 = How To Train Your RFID Hacking Tools
movies/T1-211.mp4 = mp3/T1-211.mp3 = One Device To Pwn Them All
movies/T1-301.mp4 = mp3/T1-301.mp3 = Scared Poopless - LTE And *your* Laptop
movies/T1-302.mp4 = mp3/T1-302.mp3 = Key-Logger, Video, Mouse - How To Turn Your KVM Into A Raging Key-logging
movies/T1-303.mp4 = mp3/T1-303.mp3 = Hacking Smart Safes: On The 'Brink' Of A Robbery
movies/T1-304.mp4 = mp3/T1-304.mp3 = Spread Spectrum Satcom Hacking: Attacking The GlobalStar Simplex Data Service
movies/T1-305.mp4 = mp3/T1-305.mp3 = Extracting The Painful (blue)tooth
movies/T1-306.mp4 = mp3/T1-306.mp3 = Looping Surveillance Cameras Through Live Editing Of Network Streams
movies/T1-307.mp4 = mp3/T1-307.mp3 = Switches Get Stitches
movies/T1-308.mp4 = mp3/T1-308.mp3 = Exploring Layer 2 Network Security In Virtualized Environments
movies/T1-309.mp4 = mp3/T1-309.mp3 = Staying Persistent In Software Defined Networks
movies/T1-401.mp4 = mp3/T1-401.mp3 = Abusing Adobe Reader's JavaScr APIs
movies/T1-402.mp4 = mp3/T1-402.mp3 = Who Will Rule The Sky? The Coming Drone Policy Wars
movies/T1-403.mp4 = mp3/T1-403.mp3 = Knocking My Neighbor's Kid's Cruddy Drone Offline
movies/T1-404.mp4 = mp3/T1-404.mp3 = Attacking Hypervisors Using Firmware And Hardware
movies/T1-405.mp4 = mp3/T1-405.mp3 = Inter-VM Data Exfiltration: The Art Of Cache Timing Covert Channel On X86 Multi-core
movies/T2-201.mp4 = mp3/T2-201.mp3 = Information Access And Information Sharing: Where We Are And Where We Are Going
movies/T2-202.mp4 = mp3/T2-202.mp3 = Licensed To Pwn: The Weaponization And Regulation Of Security Research
movies/T2-203.mp4 = mp3/T2-203.mp3 = Drive It Like You Hacked It: New Attacks And Tools To Wirelessly Steal Cars
movies/T2-204.mp4 = mp3/T2-204.mp3 = How To Hack A Tesla Model S
movies/T2-205.mp4 = mp3/T2-205.mp3 = Ow-cost GPS Simulator - GPS Spoofing By SDR
movies/T2-206.mp4 = mp3/T2-206.mp3 = Harness: Powershell Weaponization Made Easy (or At Least Easier)
movies/T2-207.mp4 = mp3/T2-207.mp3 = I Will Kill You
movies/T2-208.mp4 = mp3/T2-208.mp3 = Fun With Symboliks
movies/T2-209.mp4 = mp3/T2-209.mp3 = Drinking From LETHE: New Methods Of Exploiting And Mitigating Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
movies/T2-301.mp4 = mp3/T2-301.mp3 = ThunderStrike 2: Sith Strike
movies/T2-302.mp4 = mp3/T2-302.mp3 = Machine Vs. Machine: Inside DARPA's Fully Automated CTF
movies/T2-303.mp4 = mp3/T2-303.mp3 = F*ck The Attribution, Show Us Your .idb!
movies/T2-304.mp4 = mp3/T2-304.mp3 = Angry Hacking - The Next Generation Of Binary Analysis
movies/T2-305.mp4 = mp3/T2-305.mp3 = Remote Exploitation Of An Unaltered Passenger Vehicleovies/T2-306.mp4 = mp3/T2-306.mp3 = Hacking Electric Skateboards: Vehicle Research For Mortals
movies/T2-307.mp4 = mp3/T2-307.mp3 = I Want These * Bugs Off My * Internet
movies/T2-308.mp4 = mp3/T2-308.mp3 = Security Necromancy: Further Adventures In Mainframe Hacking
movies/T2-309.mp4 = mp3/T2-309.mp3 = Ask The EFF: The Year In Digital Civil Liberties
movies/T2-401.mp4 = mp3/T2-401.mp3 = Docker, Docker, Give Me The News, I Got A Bad Case Of Securing You
movies/T2-402.mp4 = mp3/T2-402.mp3 = Canary: Keeping Your Dick Pics Safes/T2-403.mp4 = mp3/T2-403.mp3 = Pivoting Without Rights - Introducing Pivoter
movies/T2-404.mp4 = mp3/T2-404.mp3 = Why Nation-state Malwares Target Telco Networks: Dissecting Technical Capabilities Of Regin And Its Counterparts
movies/T2-405.mp4 = mp3/T2-405.mp3 = Let's Talk About SOAP, Baby. Let's Talk About UPNP
movies/T2-407.mp4 = mp3/T2-407.mp3 = Closing Ceremonies
movies/T3-201.mp4 = mp3/T3-201.mp3 = Welcome To DEF CON
movies/T3-202.mp4 = mp3/T3-202.mp3 = Fighting Back In The War On General Purpose Computers
movies/T3-203.mp4 = mp3/T3-203.mp3 = USB Attack To Decrypt Wi-Fi Communications
movies/T3-204.mp4 = mp3/T3-204.mp3 = Red Vs. Blue: Modern Active Directory Attacks & Defense
movies/T3-205.mp4 = mp3/T3-205.mp3 = Remote Access, The APT
movies/T3-206.mp4 = mp3/T3-206.mp3 = REvisiting REoS
3-208.mp4 = mp3/T3-208.mp3 = Put On Your Tinfo_t Hat If You're My Type
movies/T3-209.mp4 = mp3/T3-209.mp3 = NetRipper - Smart Traffic Sniffing For Penetration Testers
movies/T3-210.mp4 = mp3/T3-210.mp3 = Hooked Browser Meshed-Networks With WebRTC And BeEF
movies/T3-301.mp4 = mp3/T3-301.mp3 = Do Export Controls On 'Intrusion Software' Threaten Vulnerability Research?
movies/T3-302.mp4 = mp3/T3-302.mp3 = 'DLL Hijacking' On OS X? #@%& Yeah!
movies/T3-303.mp4 = mp3/T3-303.mp3 = I Hunt Penetration Testers: More Weaknesses In Tools And Procedures
movies/T3-304.mp4 = mp3/T3-304.mp3 = WhyMI So Sexy? WMI Attacks, Real-Time Defense, And Advanced Forensic Analysis
movies/T3-305.mp4 = mp3/T3-305.mp3 = High-Def Fuzzing: Exploring Vulnerabilities In HDMI-CEC
movies/T3-306.mp4 = mp3/T3-306.mp3 = Investigating The Practicality And Cost Of Abusing Memory Errors With DNS
movies/T3-307.mp4 = mp3/T3-307.mp3 = 802.11 Massive Monitoring
movies/T3-308.mp4 = mp3/T3-308.mp3 = DefCon Comedy Inception: How Many Levels Deep Can We Go?
movies/T3-401.mp4 = mp3/T3-401.mp3 = How To Hack Government: Technologists As Policy Makers
movies/T3-402.mp4 = mp3/T3-402.mp3 = REpsych: Psychological Warfare In Reverse Engineering
movies/T3-403.mp4 = mp3/T3-403.mp3 = Stick That In Your (root)Pipe & Smoke It
movies/T3-404.mp4 = mp3/T3-404.mp3 = 'Quantum' Classification Of Malware
movies/T3-405.mp4 = mp3/T3-405.mp3 = Advances In Linux Process Forensics Using ECFS
movies/T4-101.mp4 = mp3/T4-101.mp3 = Hardware And Trust Security: Explain It Like I'm 5
movies/T4-102.mp4 = mp3/T4-102.mp3 = Hacking Web Apps
movies/T4-103.mp4 = mp3/T4-103.mp3 = Seeing Through The Fog
movies/T4-104.mp4 = mp3/T4-104.mp3 = Alice And Bob Are Really Confused
movies/T4-105.mp4 = mp3/T4-105.mp3 = Hacker In The Wires
movies/T4-106.mp4 = mp3/T4-106.mp3 = Forensic Artifacts From A Pass The Hash Attack
movies/T4-107.mp4 = mp3/T4-107.mp3 = Sorry, Wrong Number: Mysteries Of The Phone System - Past And Present
movies/T4-108.mp4 = mp3/T4-108.mp3 = Backdooring Git
movies/T4-109.mp4 = mp3/T4-109.mp3 = Secure Messaging For Normal People
movies/T4-201.mp4 = mp3/T4-201.mp3 = Bugged Files: Is Your Document Telling On You?
movies/T4-202.mp4 = mp3/T4-202.mp3 = Goodbye Memory Scraping Malware: Hold Out Till 'Chip And Pin'
movies/T4-203.mp4 = mp3/T4-203.mp3 = Confessions Of A Professional Cyber Stalker
movies/T4-204.mp4 = mp3/T4-204.mp3 = Don't Whisper My Chips: Sidechannel And Glitching For Fun And Profit
movies/T4-205.mp4 = mp3/T4-205.mp3 = Cracking Cryptocurrency Brainwallets
movies/T4-206.mp4 = mp3/T4-206.mp3 = Quantum Computers Vs. Computers Security
movies/T4-207.mp4 = mp3/T4-207.mp3 = Tell Me Who You Are And I Will Tell You Your Lock Pattern
movies/T4-208.mp4 = mp3/T4-208.mp3 = Separating Bots From The Humans
movies/T4-209.mp4 = mp3/T4-209.mp3 = Hack The Legacy! IBM I (aka AS/400) Revealed.
movies/T4-210.mp4 = mp3/T4-210.mp3 = Breaking SSL Using Time Synchronisation Attacks
movies/T4-301.mp4 = mp3/T4-301.mp3 = Dissecting The Design Of SCADA Web Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) - Hunting Vulnerabilities
movies/T4-302.mp4 = mp3/T4-302.mp3 = QARK: Android App Exploit And SCA Tool
movies/T4-303.mp4 = mp3/T4-303.mp3 = Chigula - A Framework For Wi-Fi Intrusion Detection And Forensics
movies/T4-304.mp4 = mp3/T4-304.mp3 = From 0 To Secure In 1 Minute - Securing IAAS
movies/T4-305.mp4 = mp3/T4-305.mp3 = BurpKit - Using WebKit To Own The Web
movies/T4-306.mp4 = mp3/T4-306.mp3 = Let's Encrypt - Minting Free Certificates To Encrypt The Entire Web
movies/T4-307.mp4 = mp3/T4-307.mp3 = NSA Playset: JTAG Implants
movies/T4-308.mp4 = mp3/T4-308.mp3 = Hacking The Human Body/brain: Identity Shift, The Shape Of A New Self, And Humanity 2.0
movies/T4-310.mp4 = mp3/T4-310.mp3 = I'm A Newbie Yet I Can Hack ZigBee - Take Unauthorized Control Over ZigBee Devices
movies/VBIO_201.mp4 = mp3/VBIO_201.mp3 = Parallels In BioSec And InfoSec
movies/VBIO_202.mp4 = mp3/VBIO_202.mp3 = Social Implications Of DNA Acquisition & Storage
movies/VBIO_203.mp4 = mp3/VBIO_203.mp3 = Physiology From The Perspective Of Control: A Bio-hacker's Guide
movies/VBIO_401.mp4 = mp3/VBIO_401.mp3 = Biohacking: The Anatomy Of DIY Implantable Devices
movies/VBIO_402.mp4 = mp3/VBIO_402.mp3 = Biohacking At Home: Pragmatic DNA Design, Assembly, And Transformation
movies/VBIO_403.mp4 = mp3/VBIO_403.mp3 = Cloning Access Cards To Implants
movies/VBIO_404.mp4 = mp3/VBIO_404.mp3 = Genetic Engineering - Genetically Modifying Organisms For Fun And Profit
movies/VBIO_405.mp4 = mp3/VBIO_405.mp3 = Brain Waves Surfing - (In)security In EEG (Electroencephalography) Technologies
movies/VCP_212.mp4 = mp3/VCP_212.mp3 = CFSSL: The Evolution Of A PKI Toolkit
movies/VCP_216.mp4 = mp3/VCP_216.mp3 = IMSI Catchers - Detecting Cell Phone Surveillance At Political Protests
movies/VCP_307.mp4 = mp3/VCP_307.mp3 = Hacking Quantum Cryptography
movies/VCP_401.mp4 = mp3/VCP_401.mp3 = Breaking CBC, Or Randomness Never Was Happiness
movies/VCP_402.mp4 = mp3/VCP_402.mp3 = Smart Home Invasion
movies/VCP-315.mp4 = mp3/VCP-315.mp3 = Teaching Privacy Using Red Team Strategies
movies/VHH_201.mp4 = mp3/VHH_201.mp3 = Hacking With Human Interface Devices
movies/VHH_202.mp4 = mp3/VHH_202.mp3 = Introduction To USB And Fuzzing
movies/VHH_301.mp4 = mp3/VHH_301.mp3 = Mechanical Engineering For Noobs
movies/VHH_302.mp4 = mp3/VHH_302.mp3 = Soldering 101 - Melting Metal For Fun And Profit
movies/VHH_401.mp4 = mp3/VHH_401.mp3 = Intro To Lockpicking
movies/VHV_201.mp4 = mp3/VHV_201.mp3 = The Badge And PAWN - Customizing The Badge (Vehicle Hacking Village)
movies/VHV_301.mp4 = mp3/VHV_301.mp3 = Safer; Sooner - Automotive Cyber Safety
movies/VHV_302.mp4 = mp3/VHV_302.mp3 = SocketCAN
movies/VIOT_204.mp4 = mp3/VIOT_204.mp3 = Cameras, Thermostats And Home Automation Controllers - Hacking 14 IoT Devices
movies/VIOT_205.mp4 = mp3/VIOT_205.mp3 = Vulnerability Inheritance In PLCs
movies/VIOT_206.mp4 = mp3/VIOT_206.mp3 = Yes, You Can Walk On Water
movies/VIOT_304.mp4 = mp3/VIOT_304.mp3 = IoT Attack Surface Mapping
movies/VIOT_305.mp4 = mp3/VIOT_305.mp3 = The Grid - A Muliplayer Game Of Destruction
movies/VIOT_306.mp4 = mp3/VIOT_306.mp3 = Security - The IoT World!
movies/VLP_201.mp4 = mp3/VLP_201.mp3 = Introduction To Lockpicking
movies/VLP_202.mp4 = mp3/VLP_202.mp3 = Intro To Lockpicking
movies/VLP_301.mp4 = mp3/VLP_301.mp3 = Intro To Lockpicking
movies/VLP_302.mp4 = mp3/VLP_302.mp3 = Impressioning
movies/VLP_401.mp4 = mp3/VLP_401.mp3 = Intro To Lockpickimg
movies/VPCA_201.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_201.mp3 = Tools And Techniques Used At The Wall Of Sheep
movies/VPCA_202.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_202.mp3 = Mobile Data Loss - Threats & Countermeasures
movies/VPCA_203.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_203.mp3 = Sniffing SCADA
movies/VPCA_204.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_204.mp3 = Passive DNS Collection And Analysis - The 'dnstap' (& Fstrm) Approach
movies/VPCA_205.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_205.mp3 = Hacker's Practice Ground
movies/VPCA_206.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_206.mp3 = Global Honeypot Trends
movies/VPCA_207.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_207.mp3 = Remaining Covert In An Overt World
movies/VPCA_208.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_208.mp3 = Violating Web Services
movies/VPCA_209.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_209.mp3 = Real World Automation For Rapid Response
movies/VPCA_210.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_210.mp3 = Penetration Testing With Raspberry Pi
movies/VPCA_301.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_301.mp3 = How Machine Learning Finds Malware Needles In An AppStore Haystack
movies/VPCA_302.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_302.mp3 = MITM 101: Easy Traffic Interception Techniques Using Scapy
movies/VPCA_303.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_303.mp3 = I See You
movies/VPCA_304.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_304.mp3 = Powershell For Penetraton Testers
movies/VPCA_305.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_305.mp3 = The Packets Made Me Do It: Getting Started With Distributed Full Packet Capture Using OpenFPC
movies/VPCA_306.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_306.mp3 = Is Your Android App Secure?
movies/VPCA_307.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_307.mp3 = Sup3r S3cr3t!
movies/VPCA_308.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_308.mp3 = Creating REAL Threat Intelligence With Evernote
movies/VPCA_309.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_309.mp3 = Hacking The Next Generation
movies/VPCA_310.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_310.mp3 = Jailing Programs Via Docker - Using Linux Containers For Security
movies/VPCA_401.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_401.mp3 = 802.11 Monitoring With PCAP2XML/SQLite
movies/VPCA_402.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_402.mp3 = The Digital Cockroach Bait Station: How To Build Spam Honeypots
movies/VPCA_403.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_403.mp3 = Fishing To Phishing: It's All About Slimy Creatures
movies/VPCA_404.mp4 = mp3/VPCA_404.mp3 = From XSS To Root On Your NAS
movies/VSE_201.mp4 = mp3/VSE_201.mp3 = Yellow Means Proceed With Caution - Applied De-escalation For Social Engineering
movies/VSE_202.mp4 = mp3/VSE_202.mp3 = 'I Didn't Think It Was Loaded' And Other Mental Derps
movies/VSE_203.mp4 = mp3/VSE_203.mp3 = Understanding Social Engineering Attacks With Natural Language Processing
movies/VSE_204.mp4 = mp3/VSE_204.mp3 = I Am Not What I Am: Shakespeare And Social Engineering
movies/VSE_301.mp4 = mp3/VSE_301.mp3 = Breaking In Bad! (I'm The One Who Doesn't Knock)
movies/VSE_302.mp4 = mp3/VSE_302.mp3 = Twitter, ISIL, And Tech
movies/VSE_303.mp4 = mp3/VSE_303.mp3 = A Peek Behind The Blue Mask: The Evolution Of The SECTF
movies/VSE_304.mp4 = mp3/VSE_304.mp3 = Understanding End-User Attacks - Real World Examples
movies/VSE_305.mp4 = mp3/VSE_305.mp3 = Phishing: Recon To Creds With The SpeedPhishing Framework
movies/VW_201.mp4 = mp3/VW_201.mp3 = PSK31 Modulation Polyglots
movies/VW_202.mp4 = mp3/VW_202.mp3 = WPA Enterprise Hacking
movies/VW_203.mp4 = mp3/VW_203.mp3 = SIGINT And Blind Signal Analysis With GNU Radio + Advanced SDR
movies/VW_204.mp4 = mp3/VW_204.mp3 = The Wireless World Of The Internet Of Things
movies/VW_205.mp4 = mp3/VW_205.mp3 = Covert Wireless: Practical Hacker LPI-LPD
movies/VW_301.mp4 = mp3/VW_301.mp3 = Wireless Pentesting: So Easy A Cave Man Can Do It
movies/VW_302.mp4 = mp3/VW_302.mp3 = Software Defined Radio Performance Trades And Tweaks
movies/VW_303.mp4 = mp3/VW_303.mp3 = DSP For SDR
movies/VW_304.mp4 = mp3/VW_304.mp3 = Automatic Live WPA/WPA2 Attacks And WPA_Supplicant
movies/VW_305.mp4 = mp3/VW_305.mp3 = GNU Radio Tools For Radio Wrangling And Spectrum Domination
movies/VW_306.mp4 = mp3/VW_306.mp3 = Rollin' Down The Street Sniffin' WiFi, Sippin' On Pineapple Juice
movies/VW_307.mp4 = mp3/VW_307.mp3 = Tospo Virus: Weaponizing WiFi Pineapple Vulnerabilities
movies/VW_401.mp4 = mp3/VW_401.mp3 = Meeting People Over WiFi
movies/T3-207.mp4 = mp3/T3-207.mp3 = When The Secretary Of State Says: 'Please Stop Hacking Us


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