DefCon USA 2016

DefCon USA 2016

DefCon USA 2016
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Genre: Development / Programming / Security / Hacking

DEF CON is all about thinking up cool and new ways to approach everything from the most complex modern technology to hacking grandma's toaster. Show us and the world what you have been up to and what attack exploits, defensive techniques, or unique research you have been working on.

Here are the videos with presentations and presenters for all the sessions of DefCon USA 2016, this year including footage at the DEFCON villages.

talks/movies/DC_208.mp4 = 101 Ways to Brick your Hardware
talks/movies/DC_203.mp4 = 411: A framework for managing security alerts
talks/movies/DC_308.mp4 = A Journey Through Exploit Mitigation Techniques in iOS
talks/movies/DC_206.mp4 = Anti-Forensics AF
talks/movies/DC_303.mp4 = Attacking Network Infrastructure to Generate a 4 Tb/s DDoS for $5
talks/movies/DC_406.mp4 = Auditing 6LoWPAN Networks using Standard Penetration Testing Tools
talks/movies/DC_201.mp4 = BSODomizer HD: A mischievous FPGA and HDMI platform for the (m)asses
talks/movies/DC_103.mp4 = Beyond the MCSE: Red Teaming Active Directory
talks/movies/DC_107.mp4 = DEF CON 101 Panel III - Rise of the Noobs!
talks/movies/DC_301.mp4 = Escaping The Sandbox By Not Breaking It
talks/movies/DC_309.mp4 = Esoteric Exfiltration
talks/movies/DC_106.mp4 = Hacker Fundamentals and Cutting Through Abstraction
talks/movies/DC_401.mp4 = How to get good seats in the security theater? Hacking boarding passes for fun & profit.
talks/movies/DC_101.mp4 = Machine Duping 101: Pwning Deep Learning Systems
talks/movies/DC_102.mp4 = Maelstrom - Are You Playing with a Full Deck?.
talks/movies/DC_210.mp4 = Malware Command and Control Channels: A journey into darkness
talks/movies/DC_202.mp4 = Meet the Feds
talks/movies/DC_404.mp4 = Mouse Jiggler Offense and Defense
talks/movies/DC_305.mp4 = NG9-1-1: The Next Generation of Emergency Ph0nage
talks/movies/DC_207.mp4 = NPRE - Eavesdropping on the Machines
talks/movies/DC_307.mp4 = Phishing without Failure and Frustration
talks/movies/DC_311.mp4 = Propaganda and you (and Your Devices)
talks/movies/DC_105.mp4 = Realtime bluetooth device detection with Blue Hydra
talks/movies/DC_306.mp4 = SITCH - Inexpensive, Coordinated GSM Anomaly Detection
talks/movies/DC_302.mp4 = Secure Penetration Testing Operations: Demonstrated Weaknesses in Learning Material and Tools
talks/movies/DC_205.mp4 = Sentient Storage - Do SSDs Have a Mind of Their Own?
talks/movies/DC_403.mp4 = So you think you want to be a penetration tester
talks/movies/DC_310.mp4 = Sticky Keys To The Kingdom: Pre-auth RCE Is More Common Than You Think
talks/movies/DC_405.mp4 = Toxic Proxies - Bypassing HTTPS & VPNs to pwn your online identity
talks/movies/DC_402.mp4 = Vulnerabilities 101: How to Launch or Improve Your Vulnerability Research Game
talks/movies/DC_104.mp4 = Weaponize Your Feature Codes
talks/movies/T1_208.mp4 = "Cyber" Who Done It?! Attribution Analysis Through Arrest History
talks/movies/T1_303.mp4 = Attacking BaseStations - an Odyssey through a Telco's Network
talks/movies/T1_203.mp4 = Bypassing Captive Portals and Limited Networks
talks/movies/T1_304.mp4 = Can You Trust Autonomous Vehicles: Contactless Attacks
talks/movies/T1_107.mp4 = Cheating at Poker, James Bond Style
talks/movies/T1_102.mp4 = Compelled Decryption - State of the Art in Doctrinal Perversions
talks/movies/T1_210.mp4 = Drunk Hacker History: Hacker Stories Powered by C2H6O for Fun & Profit
talks/movies/T1_101.mp4 = Feds and 0Days: From Before Heartbleed to After FBI-Apple
talks/movies/T1_207.mp4 = Forcing a Targeted LTE Cellphone into Unsafe Network
talks/movies/T1_104.mp4 = Frontrunning The Frontrunners
talks/movies/T1_110.mp4 = Hacking Next-Gen ATM's From Capture to Cashout.
talks/movies/T1_305.mp4 = Help, I've got ANTs!
talks/movies/T1_302.mp4 = Hiding Wookiees in HTTP - HTTP Smuggling
talks/movies/T1_103.mp4 = Honey Onions: Exposing Snooping Tor HSDir Relays
talks/movies/T1_106.mp4 = How to design distributed systems resilient despite malicious participants
talks/movies/T1_301.mp4 = How to do it Wrong: Smartphone Antivirus and Security Applications Under Fire
talks/movies/T1_201.mp4 = How to overthrow a Government
talks/movies/T1_202.mp4 = Jittery MacGyver: Lessons Learned from Building a Bionic Hand out of a Coffee Maker
talks/movies/T1_105.mp4 = Research on the Machines: Help the FTC Protect Privacy & Security
talks/movies/T1_204.mp4 = Retweet to win: How 50 lines of Python made me the luckiest guy on Twitter
talks/movies/T1_108.mp4 = Robot Hacks Video Games: How TASBot Exploits Consoles with Custom Controllers
talks/movies/T1_205.mp4 = Six Degrees of Domain Admin
talks/movies/T1_306.mp4 = Stumping the Mobile Chipset
talks/movies/T1_206.mp4 = Weaponizing Data Science for Social Engineering: Automated E2E spear phishing on Twitter
talks/movies/T2_105.mp4 = (Ab)using Smart Cities: the dark age of modern mobility
talks/movies/T2_106.mp4 = A Monitor Darkly: Reversing and Exploiting Ubiquitous
talks/movies/T2_210.mp4 = Abusing Bleeding Edge Web Standards for AppSec Glory
talks/movies/T2_209.mp4 = All Your Solar Panels are belong to Me
talks/movies/T2_305.mp4 = An introduction to Pinworm: man in the middle for your metadata
talks/movies/T2_103.mp4 = BlockFighting with a Hooker - BlockfFghter2!
talks/movies/T2_306.mp4 = Cyber Grand Challenge Shellphish
talks/movies/T2_101.mp4 = DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge: Award Ceremony
talks/movies/T2_208.mp4 = DIY Nukeproofing: a new dig at
talks/movies/T2_302.mp4 = Discovering and Triangulating Rogue Cell Towers
talks/movies/T2_304.mp4 = Drones Hijacking - multi-dimensional attack vectors & countermeasures
talks/movies/T2_301.mp4 = Hacking Hotel Keys and Point of Sale Systems
talks/movies/T2_201.mp4 = I Fight For The Users, Episode I - Attacks Against Top Consumer Products
talks/movies/T2_303.mp4 = Let's Get Physical: Network Attacks Against Physical Security Systems
talks/movies/T2_202.mp4 = Light-Weight Protocol! Serious Equipment! Critical Implications!
talks/movies/T2_205.mp4 = MouseJack: Injecting Keystrokes into Wireless Mice
talks/movies/T2_207.mp4 = Playing Through the Pain? - The Impact of Secrets and Dark Knowledge
talks/movies/T2_102.mp4 = Project CITL
talks/movies/T2_109.mp4 = Samsung Pay: Tokenized Numbers, Flaws and Issues
talks/movies/T2_108.mp4 = Side-channel attacks on high-security electronic safe locks
talks/movies/T2_110.mp4 = Sk3wlDbg: Emulating all (well many) of the things with Ida
talks/movies/T2_107.mp4 = Slouching Towards Utopia: The State of the Internet Dream
talks/movies/T2_203.mp4 = Stargate: Pivoting Through VNC To Own Internal Networks
talks/movies/T2_206.mp4 = Universal Serial aBUSe: Remote physical access attacks
talks/movies/T2_204.mp4 = pin2pwn: How to Root an Embedded Linux Box with a Sewing Needle
talks/movies/T3_209.mp4 = Ask the EFF
talks/movies/T3_304.mp4 = Backdooring the Frontdoor
talks/movies/T3_108.mp4 = Breaking the Internet of Vibrating Things
talks/movies/T3_203.mp4 = CANSPY: A Framework for Auditing CAN Devices
talks/movies/T3_103.mp4 = CAN i haz car secret plz?
talks/movies/T3_104.mp4 = Cheap Tools for Hacking Heavy Trucks
talks/movies/T3_210.mp4 = Crypto State of the Law
talks/movies/T3_205.mp4 = Cunning with CNG: Soliciting Secrets from Schannel
talks/movies/T3_102.mp4 = DEF CON Welcome & Badge Talk
talks/movies/T3_201.mp4 = Developing Managed Code Rootkits for the Java Runtime Environment
talks/movies/T3_106.mp4 = Direct Memory Attack the Kernel
talks/movies/T3_301.mp4 = Examining the Internet's pollution
talks/movies/T3_207.mp4 = Exploiting and attacking seismological networks.. Remotely
talks/movies/T3_303.mp4 = Game over, man! - Reversing Video Games to Create an Unbeatable AI Player
talks/movies/T3_206.mp4 = Hacker-Machine Interface - State of the Union for SCADA HMI Vulnerabilities
talks/movies/T3_105.mp4 = How to Make Your Own DEF CON Black Badge
talks/movies/T3_208.mp4 = I've got 99 Problems, but LittleSnitch ain't one
talks/movies/T3_101.mp4 = Introduction the Wichcraft Compiler Collection : Towards universal code theft
talks/movies/T3_109.mp4 = Mr. Robot Panel
talks/movies/T3_202.mp4 = Picking Bluetooth Low Energy Locks from a Quarter Mile Away
talks/movies/T3_306.mp4 = Platform Agnostic Kernel Fuzzing
talks/movies/T3_107.mp4 = The Remote Metamorphic Engine: Detecting, Evading, Attacking the AI and Reverse Engineering
talks/movies/T3_302.mp4 = Use Their Machines Against Them: Loading Code with a Copier
talks/movies/T3_305.mp4 = VLAN hopping, ARP poisoning & MITM Attacks in Virtualized Environments
talks/movies/T1_CC.mp4 = Closing Ceremonies
talks/movies/T1_Jeopardy_1.mp4 = Hacker Jeopardy- Rounds 1&2
talks/movies/T1_Jeopardy_2.mp4 = Hacker Jeopardy- Round 3 & Finals
villages/movies/ADD_1.mp4 = I Amatuer Radio (And So Can You!)
villages/movies/ADD_2.mp4 = Covert Cupid Under 11 Veil /*Approach for Covert WiFi*/
villages/movies/ADD_3.mp4 = SDR Tips and Tricks
villages/movies/BIO_201.mp4 = Oday for the Soul
villages/movies/BIO_202.mp4 = The Bioethics of BioHacking
villages/movies/BIO_203.mp4 = The Era of Bio Big data: Benefits and Challenges for Information Security, Health, the Economy, and National Security
villages/movies/BIO_204.mp4 = The Next Big Thing in Bioterrorism
villages/movies/BIO_205.mp4 = Intro to Brain Based Authentication
villages/movies/BIO_206.mp4 = Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation: Brain Stimulation the Do-It-Yourself Way
villages/movies/BIO_301.mp4 = Nootropics: Better Living Through Chemistry or Modern-Day Prometheus
villages/movies/BIO_302.mp4 = Crispr/Cas9: Newest Tools for Biohacking Fun!
villages/movies/BIO_303.mp4 = Hacking Perception
villages/movies/BIO_304.mp4 = Implants
villages/movies/BIO_305.mp4 = Attention Hackers: Cannabis Needs Your Help!
villages/movies/CH_101.mp4 = Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X)
villages/movies/CH_102.mp4 = The Mitsubishi Hack Explained
villages/movies/CH_103.mp4 = Hacking the CHV Badge
villages/movies/CH_202.mp4 = Deep Learning on CAN BUS
villages/movies/CH_203.mp4 = Security Flaws in Automotive Immobilizer
villages/movies/CH_301.mp4 = Understanding Heavy Truck Event Data
villages/movies/CP_101.mp4 = Revocation, the Frailty of PKI
villages/movies/CP_102.mp4 = Security Logs Aren't Good Enough
villages/movies/CP_103.mp4 = How to Backdoor Diffie-Hellman
villages/movies/CP_202.mp4 = Blue Coat SSL Visibility Exposed
villages/movies/CP_203.mp4 = Catching a cheat practical exercise in code breaking
villages/movies/CP_301.mp4 = My Usability Goes to 11: A Hacker's Guide to User Experience Research
villages/movies/HH_101.mp4 = Building malicious hardware out of analog circuits
villages/movies/HH_102.mp4 = Why Amateur Radio in the Age of the Internet
villages/movies/HH_201.mp4 = Basic Firmware Extraction
villages/movies/HH_301.mp4 = Basics of EAGLE CAD and PCB design tips
villages/movies/IOT_102.mp4 = Btlejuice: The Bluetooth Smart Mitm Framework
villages/movies/IOT_103.mp4 = Is Your Internet Light On? Protecting Consumers In the Age of Connected Everything
villages/movies/IOT_202.mp4 = Reversing and Exploiting Embedded Devices
villages/movies/IOT_203.mp4 = Tranewreck: More Internet, More Problems
villages/movies/LOCK_101.mp4 = Locking Picking 101
villages/movies/LOCK_102.mp4 = Locking Picking 101
villages/movies/LOCK_104.mp4 = Intro to Lock Picking(Fitzhugh)
villages/movies/LOCK_202.mp4 = Intro to Lockpicking(Duffley)
villages/movies/LOCK_203.mp4 = Intro to Lockpicking(Power)
villages/movies/LOCK_302.mp4 = Sesame Style Pad Locks
villages/movies/PH_101.mp4 = Packet Hacking Village, Block 1
villages/movies/PH_102.mp4 = Packet Hacking Village, Block 2
villages/movies/PH_201.mp4 = Packet Hacking Village, Block 3
villages/movies/PH_202.mp4 = Packet Hacking Village, Block 4
villages/movies/PH_301.mp4 = Packet Hacking Village, Block 5
villages/movies/SE_101.mp4 = Does Cultural differences become a barrier for social engineering?
villages/movies/SE_102.mp4 = The Wizard of Oz - Painting a reality through deception
villages/movies/SE_103.mp4 = 7 Jedi Mind Tricks: Influence Your Target without a Word
villages/movies/SE_104.mp4 = US Interrogation Techniques and Social Engineering
villages/movies/SE_105.mp4 = You are being manipulated
villages/movies/SE_201.mp4 = Human Hacking: You ARE the weakest link.
villages/movies/SE_202.mp4 = Total Fail. and Bad Mistakes I've Made a Few.
villages/movies/SE_203.mp4 = SCAM CALL - Call Dropped
villages/movies/SE_204.mp4 = How to Un-Work your job: Revolutionism Radicals, and Engineering by Committee
villages/movies/SE_205.mp4 = Advanced Social Engineering Techniques and The Rise of Cyber Scam Industrial Complex
villages/movies/SE_301.mp4 = The Live SE Podcast #84
villages/movies/WIFI_101.mp4 = Wireless Capture the Flag Inbrief
villages/movies/WIFI_102.mp4 = Decoding LoRa: Exploring Next-Gen Wireless
villages/movies/WIFI_103.mp4 = How Do I BLE Hacking?
villages/movies/WIFI_104.mp4 = Handing Full Control of the Radio Spectrum Over to the Machines
villages/movies/WIFI_105.mp4 = Introducing the HackMeRF
villages/movies/WIFI_201.mp4 = WCTF Day 2 Kickoff
villages/movies/WIFI_202.mp4 = Evil ESP
villages/movies/WIFI_203.mp4 = Slaving Rogue Access Points with Python and Cheap Hardware
villages/movies/WIFI_204.mp4 = Insteon, Inste-off, Inste-open?


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