D&D Complete Collection

D&D Complete Collection

D&D Complete Collection
English | PDF | E-book Collection | All in One | 3.6 GB


Hoard of the Dragon Queen with Supplement.pdf 57.65 Mb
Out of the Abyss (1-15).pdf 93.16 Mb

Princes of the Apocalypse
Princes of the Apocalypse (1-15).pdf 27.28 Mb
EE_PlayersCompanion.pdf 21.83 Mb
Princes of the Apocalypse.pdf 797.85 Mb
PrincesApocalypse_AdvSupplementv1.0_PrinterFriendly.pdf 1.26 Mb

Rise of Tiamat with Online Supplement.pdf 7.42 Mb

Starter Set
DnD Starter Set Rulebook.pdf 21.03 Mb
Lost Mine of Phandelver.pdf 53.37 Mb
StarterSet_Characters.pdf 569.29 Kb

Basic Rules
BasicRules_Playerv3.4.pdf 46.09 Mb
BasicRules_Playerv3.4_PF.pdf 2.77 Mb
DMBasicRulesv.0.2.pdf 1.85 Mb
DMBasicRulesv.0.2_PrinterFriendly.pdf 1.68 Mb
DMBasicRulesv.0.3.pdf 1.49 Mb
DMBasicRulesv.0.3_PrinterFriendly.pdf 1.39 Mb
DMDnDBasicRules_v0.1.pdf 1.83 Mb
DMDnDBasicRules_v0.1_PrinterFriendly.pdf 1.67 Mb
DnDBasicRules(PrinterFriendly).pdf 2.62 Mb
DnDBasicRules.pdf 2.67 Mb
PlayerDnDBasicRules_v0.2.pdf 2.93 Mb
PlayerDnDBasicRules_v0.2_PrintFriendly.pdf 2.74 Mb

Character Sheets
Character Details (Optional) - Form Fillable.pdf 93.36 Kb
Character Details (Optional) - Print Version.pdf 85.29 Kb
Character Sheet - Alternative - Form Fillable - H&S.pdf 770.53 Kb
Character Sheet - Alternative - Form Fillable.pdf 127.98 Kb
Character Sheet - Alternative - Print Version - H&S.pdf 735.04 Kb
Character Sheet - Alternative - Print Version.pdf 143.38 Kb
Character Sheet - Alternative 2.pdf 1.44 Mb
Character Sheet - Form Fillable.pdf 149.25 Kb
Character Sheet - Print Version.pdf 93.27 Kb
CharacterSheet_3Pgs_ Complete.pdf 347.49 Kb
CharacterSheet_TyrannyofDragons.pdf 310.75 Kb
Spellcasting Sheet (Optional) - Form Fillable.pdf 161.07 Kb
Spellcasting Sheet (Optional) - Print Version.pdf 55.58 Kb

Conversion To 5th
2E to 5E.pdf 3.66 Mb
3.5 to 5E.pdf 3.72 Mb
4E to 5E.pdf 3.19 Mb

Core Books
DnD 5e Dungeon Masters Guide (Color OCR).pdf 98.64 Mb
DnD 5e Monster Manual (Color OCR).pdf 944.01 Mb
DnD 5e Players Handbook (Color OCR).pdf 79.75 Mb

D&D Adventure League
Elemental Evil
D&D Encounters
DDEN_PrincesoftheApocalypse.pdf 6.78 Mb
DDEN_PrincesoftheApocalypse_print.pdf 6.53 Mb

D&D Adventure League
Elemental Evil
D&D Expeditions
DDEX2-2EmbersOfElmwood.pdf 1.11 Mb
DDEX210_CloaksShadows.pdf 3.61 Mb
DDEX211_OublietteFortIron.pdf 1.46 Mb
DDEX212_DarkRites_FortDalton.pdf 1.19 Mb
DDEX213_HowlingVoid.pdf 1.45 Mb
DDEX214_TheSwordSelfaril.pdf 1.44 Mb
DDEX215_BlackHeartVengeance.pdf 1.44 Mb
DDEX216_BoltsmeltersBook.pdf 1.52 Mb
DDEX21_CityofDanger.pdf 1.55 Mb
DDEX23_The_Drowned_Tower.pdf 1.15 Mb
DDEX24_Mayhem_in_the_Earthspur_Mines.pdf 2.21 Mb
DDEX25_FlamesKythorn.pdf 957.8 Kb
DDEX26_BreathYellowRose.pdf 1.5 Mb
DDEX27_BountyBog.pdf 1.09 Mb
DDEX28_FoulnessBeneathMulmaster.pdf 1.1 Mb
DDEX29_EyeTempest.pdf 2.14 Mb

D&D Adventure League
Elemental Evil
Reference Documents and Log Sheets
DDAL_EE_CharacterSheet.pdf 116.43 Kb
DDALPG_EEv1.pdf 1.12 Mb
DDALPG_EEv1Print.pdf 844.84 Kb
DDALQSG_EE.pdf 132.25 Kb
DnDAdvLgLogsheet.pdf 46.85 Kb
EE_PlayersCompanion.pdf 21.83 Mb
Elemental Evil Trinkets.pdf 105.03 Kb
Elemental-Evil-Pregens.pdf 598.39 Kb
Mulmaster-Bonds-and-Backgrounds.pdf 183.7 Kb
mulmaster_cloaks_logsheet.pdf 685.05 Kb

D&D Adventure League
DDEP1 Corruption in Kryptgarden Administrative Document.pdf 168.51 Kb
DDEP1 Corruption in Kryptgarden.pdf 1.28 Mb
DDEP2 Mulmaster Undone v2.pdf 2.11 Mb
DDEP3 Blood Above Blood Below Admin.pdf 580.86 Kb
DDEP3 Blood Above Blood Below.pdf 5.28 Mb

D&D Adventure League
Rage of Demons
D&D Encounters
DDEOutoftheAbyss.pdf 6.94 Mb
DDEOutoftheAbyssPrint.pdf 6.79 Mb

D&D Adventure League
Rage of Demons
D&D Expeditions
DDEX31_HarriedinHillsfar.pdf 1008.65 Kb
DDEX32_ShacklesBlood.pdf 852.73 Kb
DDEX33_OccupationSzithMorcane.pdf 720.81 Kb
DDEX34_ItsAllintheBlood.pdf 1.53 Mb

D&D Adventure League
Rage of Demons
Reference Documents and Log Sheets
ALPGv3.pdf 972.19 Kb
ALPGv3_print.pdf 834.51 Kb
DDALQSG_ROD.pdf 134.51 Kb
DDALRoD_CharacterSheet.pdf 141.36 Kb
Hillsfar-Regional-Character-Options.pdf 805.27 Kb

D&D Adventure League
Rage of Demons
Reference Documents and Log Sheets
Cleric-Wood-Elf-Acolyte.pdf 3.45 Mb
Fighter-Drow-Trade-Sherrif-Duelist-Style.pdf 3.15 Mb
Fighter-Halfling-Criminal-2-Weapon-Style.pdf 5.88 Mb
Rogue-Dwarf-Hillsfar-Smuggler.pdf 195.68 Kb
Wizard-Human-Shade-Fanatic.pdf 3.58 Mb

D&D Adventure League
Tyranny of Dragons
D&D Encounters
HoardDragonQueen_Encounters.pdf 3.85 Mb
HoardDragonQueen_Encounters_Print.pdf 3.74 Mb

D&D Adventure League
Tyranny of Dragons
D&D Expeditions
DDEX110_TyrannyinPhlan.pdf 1.1 Mb
DDEX111_DarkPyramidSorcerersIsle.pdf 2.31 Mb
DDEX112_RaidersTwilightMarsh.pdf 1.62 Mb
DDEX113_PoolRadianceResurgent.pdf 1.33 Mb
DDEX114_EscapePhlan.pdf 919.66 Kb
DDEX11_Defiance_in_Phlan.pdf 1.01 Mb
DDEX12_Secrets_of_Sokol_Keep.pdf 1.13 Mb
DDEX13_Shadows_over_the_Moonsea.pdf 669.99 Kb
DDEX14_DuesfortheDead.pdf 1.03 Mb
DDEX15_TheCourtingofFire.pdf 685.61 Kb
DDEX16_TheScrollThief.pdf 745.68 Kb
DDEX17DrumsintheMarsh.pdf 569.98 Kb
DDEX18TalesTreesTell.pdf 502.07 Kb
DDEX19_OutlawsIronRoute.pdf 3.23 Mb

D&D Adventure League
Tyranny of Dragons
Reference Documents and Log Sheets
ADVLeague_PlayerGuide_TODv1.pdf 1.23 Mb
ADVLeague_PlayerGuide_TODv1_print.pdf 1.12 Mb
ADVLeague_QuickStartGuide_TODv1.pdf 222.94 Kb
DnDAdvLgLogsheet.pdf 46.85 Kb
TODCharacterSheetv2.pdf 129.55 Kb

D&D Next Playtest
00 Read First.pdf 124.52 Kb
01 DnD Next Form Fillable Character Sheet.pdf 445.2 Kb
091913 Backgrounds and Skills.pdf 156 Kb
091913 Character Creation.pdf 131.36 Kb
091913 Classes.pdf 636.11 Kb
091913 Equipment.pdf 266.96 Kb
091913 Feats.pdf 97.69 Kb
091913 How to Play.pdf 392.19 Kb
091913 Races.pdf 256.85 Kb
091913 Spells.pdf 725.25 Kb

Creating Races for 5e.pdf 132.07 Kb
Crit Table.pdf 1.55 Mb
Hack & Slash Blog Compendium I.pdf 5.11 Mb
Homebrew Magic Item Details.pdf 332.84 Kb
Rendom Treasure.pdf 260.77 Kb
The (not really) Complete Tome of Spells.pdf 1.16 Mb

Hoard of the Dragon Queen HQ Maps
DM Versions
_Castle_Naerytar_Upper_level_2_DM_version1.jpg3.76 Mb
Carnath_Roadhouse_DM_version1.jpg6.67 Mb
Castle_Naerytar_Dungeon_DM_version1.jpg6.24 Mb
Castle_Naerytar_Ground_level_DM_version1.jpg6.81 Mb
Castle_Naerytar_Upper_level_3_DM_version1.jpg3.54 Mb
Dragon_Hatchery_DM_version1.jpg6.81 Mb
Greenrest_DM_version1.jpg4.49 Mb
Hunting_Lodge_Ground_Floor_DM_version1.jpg6.28 Mb
Hunting_Lodge_Upper_Floor_DM_version1.jpg6.01 Mb
Parnast_Village_DM_version1.jpg3.32 Mb
Raider_Camp_DM_version1.jpg3.89 Mb
Skyreach_Castle_DM_version1.jpg9.2 Mb
The_Sword_Coast_REVISED_II_500dpi.jpg10.35 Mb

Hoard of the Dragon Queen HQ Maps
Player Versions
_Castle_Naerytar_Upper_level_2.jpg3.36 Mb
_Castle_Naerytar_Upper_level_3.jpg3.3 Mb
Carnath_Roadhouse.jpg6.06 Mb
Castle_Naerytar_Dungeon.jpg5.99 Mb
Castle_Naerytar_Ground_level.jpg6.46 Mb
Dragon_Hatchery.jpg6.58 Mb
Greenrest.jpg3.88 Mb
Hunting_Lodge_Ground_Floor.jpg5.45 Mb
Hunting_Lodge_Upper_Floor.jpg5.7 Mb
Parnast_Village.jpg3.32 Mb
Raider_Camp.jpg3.66 Mb
Skyreach_Castle.jpg9.05 Mb
The_Sword_Coast_REVISED_II_500dpi.jpg10.31 Mb

Jared Blando Encounter Maps
150213_The_village_of_Hommlet_revised.jpg16.26 Mb
The_Broken_Gauntlet.jpg9.4 Mb
The_Iron_Tomb.jpg4 Mb
The_Sand_Cave.jpg5.44 Mb

Lost Mines of Phandelver HQ Maps
Cragmaw Castle 2250 x 1568.jpg653.37 Kb
Cragmaw Hideout 2700 x 1882.jpg571.89 Kb
CragmawCastle_PlayerVersion-(ZF-3391-94327-1-001).jpg4.66 Mb
CragmawHideout_DMVersion-(ZF-1513-85707-1-003).jpg1.72 Mb
CragmawHideout_PlayerVersion-(ZF-1793-50924-1-002).jpg4.14 Mb
Hillside.jpg3.7 Mb
Map-Kings-Road.gif485.05 Kb
NorthSwordCoast-(ZF-1513-85707-1-006).jpg5.96 Mb
NorthSwordCoast_PlayerVersion-(ZF-1793-50924-1-003).jpg4.71 Mb
Phandalin.jpg385.62 Kb
Phandalin_DMVersion-(ZF-1513-85707-1-001).jpg5.15 Mb
Phandalin_PlayerVersion-(ZF-1793-50924-1-001).jpg5.06 Mb
phandelver.jpg1.6 Mb
Redbrand Hide out.jpg188.75 Kb
RedbrandHideout_DMVersion-(ZF-1513-85707-1-002).jpg1.87 Mb
RuinsofThundertree_DMVersion-(ZF-1513-85707-1-004).jpg2.18 Mb
RuinsofThundertree_PlayerVersion-(ZF-3391-94327-1-002).jpg5.37 Mb
WaveEchoCavern_DMVersion-(ZF-1513-85707-1-005).jpg2.98 Mb
WaveEchoCavern_PlayerVersion-(ZF-3391-94327-1-003) copy copy.jpg2.22 Mb
WaveEchoCavern_PlayerVersion-(ZF-3391-94327-1-003).jpg6.8 Mb

Out of the Abyss HQ Maps
5E_TheUnderdark-(ZF-4300-46665-1-002).jpg36.86 Mb

Out of the Abyss HQ Maps
DM Maps
Blingdenstone DM Version.jpg7.62 Mb
Gracklstugh DM Version.jpg6.86 Mb
Gracklstugh Tunnels DM Version.jpg10.9 Mb
Hook Horror Map DM Version.jpg7.46 Mb
Mantol Derrith DM Version.jpg6.74 Mb
Neverlight Grove DM Version.jpg7.4 Mb
Oozing Temple DM Version.jpg6.69 Mb
Sloobludop DM Version.jpg7.01 Mb
The Lost Tomb DM Version.jpg7.13 Mb
Troglodyte Lair DM Version.jpg2.24 Mb
Velkynvelve Full Page DM Version.jpg3.29 Mb
Worm Nursery DM Version.jpg3 Mb

Out of the Abyss HQ Maps
Menzoberranzan-(ZF-4300-46665-1-001).jpg14.55 Mb

Out of the Abyss HQ Maps
Player Maps
Blingdenstone Player Version.jpg7.56 Mb
Gracklstugh Player Version.jpg6.78 Mb
Gracklstugh Tunnels Player Version.jpg10.73 Mb
Hook Horror Map Player Version.jpg7.44 Mb
Mantol Derrith Player Version.jpg6.7 Mb
Neverlight Grove Player Version.jpg7.42 Mb
Oozing Temple Player Version.jpg6.66 Mb
Sloobludop Player Version.jpg6.99 Mb
The Lost Tomb Player Version.jpg7.1 Mb
Troglodyte Lair Player Version.jpg2.22 Mb
Velkynvelve Player Version.jpg3.26 Mb
Worm Nursery Player Version.jpg2.98 Mb

Paths to Danger Encounter HQ Maps
Campsite.jpg13.81 Mb
Descrated temple.jpg10.58 Mb
Docks.jpg11.55 Mb
Ford Crossing.jpg10.51 Mb
Forest Edge.jpg7.98 Mb
The Forest path.jpg8.45 Mb
The Mine.jpg8.65 Mb
The Mountain.jpg7.8 Mb
The Tomb.jpg11.41 Mb
Wagon Ambush.jpg15.86 Mb

Princes of the Apocalypse HQ Maps
BlackGeode-(ZF-0900-97476-1-002)-0.pdf 12.07 Mb
BlackGeode-(ZF-0900-97476-1-002).jpg8.2 Mb
DessarinValley_Digital-(ZF-2372-01833-1-002)-0.pdf 17.43 Mb
DessarinValley_Digital-(ZF-2372-01833-1-002).jpg8.32 Mb
FeathergaleSpire_Digital-(ZF-5331-54039-1-003)-0.pdf 6.28 Mb
FeathergaleSpire_Digital-(ZF-5331-54039-1-003).jpg4.27 Mb
HowlingCaves-(ZF-0900-97476-1-003)-0.pdf 6.24 Mb
HowlingCaves-(ZF-0900-97476-1-003).jpg4.28 Mb
NecromancersCave_Digital-(ZF-2372-01833-1-004)-0.pdf 3.56 Mb
NecromancersCave_Digital-(ZF-2372-01833-1-004).jpg2.37 Mb
PAM05_TombMoving_DM-(ZF-6028-69184-1-001)-0.pdf 13.94 Mb
PAM05_TombMoving_DM-(ZF-6028-69184-1-001).jpg4.05 Mb
PAM12_TempleOfHowlingHatred_DM-(ZF-0352-26358-1-004)-0.pdf 9.38 Mb
PAM12_TempleOfHowlingHatred_DM-(ZF-0352-26358-1-004).jpg4.09 Mb
PAM13_TempleOfTheCrushingWave_DM-(ZF-0352-26358-1-003)-0.pdf 8.28 Mb
PAM13_TempleOfTheCrushingWave_DM-(ZF-0352-26358-1-003).jpg4.24 Mb
PAM15_TempleOfBlackEarth_DM-(ZF-0352-26358-1-001)-0.pdf 10.03 Mb
PAM15_TempleOfBlackEarth_DM-(ZF-0352-26358-1-001).jpg4.19 Mb
PAM16_TempleOfEternalFlame_DM-(ZF-0352-26358-1-002)-0.pdf 9.78 Mb
PAM16_TempleOfEternalFlame_DM-(ZF-0352-26358-1-002).jpg4.07 Mb
PAM17_MurderInYartar_DM-(ZF-8925-01169-1-003)-0-page-001.jpg6.57 Mb
PAM17_MurderInYartar_DM-(ZF-8925-01169-1-003)-0.pdf 5.5 Mb
PAM17_MurderInYartar_DM-(ZF-8925-01169-1-003).jpg2.31 Mb
PAM18_Bargewright_DM-(ZF-8925-01169-1-001)-0-page-001.jpg3.95 Mb
PAM18_Bargewright_DM-(ZF-8925-01169-1-001)-0.pdf 2.98 Mb
PAM18_Bargewright_DM-(ZF-8925-01169-1-001).jpg1.29 Mb
PAM19_DancingWaters_DM-(ZF-8925-01169-1-002)-0-page-001.jpg3.31 Mb
PAM19_DancingWaters_DM-(ZF-8925-01169-1-002)-0.pdf 2.13 Mb
PAM19_DancingWaters_DM-(ZF-8925-01169-1-002).jpg1002.26 Kb
PAM20_FaneEye_DM-(ZF-2267-20637-1-001)-0.pdf 10.92 Mb
PAM20_FaneEye_DM-(ZF-2267-20637-1-001).jpg4.56 Mb
PAM25_HuntingAxe-(ZF-2267-20637-1-002)-0.pdf 5.54 Mb
PAM25_HuntingAxe-(ZF-2267-20637-1-002).jpg2.29 Mb
PlungingTorrents-(ZF-0900-97476-1-001)-0.pdf 11.73 Mb
PlungingTorrents-(ZF-0900-97476-1-001).jpg8.08 Mb
RedLarch_Digital-(ZF-2372-01833-1-001)-0.pdf 14.04 Mb
RedLarch_Digital-(ZF-2372-01833-1-001).jpg6.52 Mb
RedLarchEnvirons-(ZF-2372-01833-1-003)-0.pdf 5.45 Mb
RedLarchEnvirons-(ZF-2372-01833-1-003).jpg2.4 Mb
RivergardKeep__Digital-(ZF-5331-54039-1-002)-0.pdf 8.49 Mb
RivergardKeep__Digital-(ZF-5331-54039-1-002).jpg5.87 Mb
SacredStoneMonastery-(ZF-5331-54039-1-001)-0.pdf 11.06 Mb
SacredStoneMonastery-(ZF-5331-54039-1-001).jpg7.57 Mb
ScarletMoonHall-(ZF-4527-07285-1-001)-0.pdf 7.97 Mb
ScarletMoonHall-(ZF-4527-07285-1-001).jpg5.38 Mb
SighingValley-(ZF-5344-30468-1-001)-0.jpg7.58 Mb
SighingValley-(ZF-5344-30468-1-001)-0.pdf 7.05 Mb
TOMS.jpg1 Mb
WeepingColossus-gm.png13.58 Mb
WeepingColossus-players-gridless.png13.27 Mb
WeepingColossus-players.jpg2.8 Mb
WeepingColossus-players.png13.32 Mb

Rise of Tiamat HQ Maps
Arauthator_s_Lair_Maps_Digital_Downloads Folder
Arauthator's Lair DM's Version.jpg12.25 Mb
Arauthator's Lair Players version.jpg13.07 Mb

Rise of Tiamat HQ Maps
Neronvain_s_Stronghold_Digital_Downloads Folder
Neronvain's Stronghold DM's Version.jpg13.3 Mb
Neronvain's Stronghold Player's Version.jpg13.16 Mb

Rise of Tiamat HQ Maps
Overland_Map_Digital_Downloads Folder
Overland Map DM's Version.jpg8.24 Mb
Overland Map Player's Version.jpg8.3 Mb

Rise of Tiamat HQ Maps
Tiamats_Temple_Digital_Downloads Folder
Tiamats Temple DM's Version.jpg8.08 Mb
Tiamats Temple Player's Version.jpg8.07 Mb

Rise of Tiamat HQ Maps
Tomb_of_Diderius_Digital_Downloads Folder
Tomb of Diderius Player's version.jpg8.55 Mb
Tomb of Diderius.jpg8.51 Mb

Rise of Tiamat HQ Maps
Well_of_Dragons_Digital_Downloads Folder
Well of Dragons Caldera DM's Version.jpg9.27 Mb
Well of Dragons Caldera Player's Version.jpg8.7 Mb

Rise of Tiamat HQ Maps
Xonthal_Tower_Digital_Downloads Folder
Xonthal Tower DM's Version.jpg8.8 Mb
Xonthal Tower Player's Version.jpg8.82 Mb

4in1_text-(ZF-10383-08734-1-009).jpg3.88 Mb
AbbeyBasement_notext-(ZF-10383-08734-1-010).jpg4.04 Mb
hm_TempleOfNaarash_notext-(ZF-10383-08734-1-001).jpg3.46 Mb
IcewallCastle_notext-(ZF-10383-08734-1-002).jpg5.32 Mb
OgreCaves-(ZF-10383-08734-1-003).jpg4.45 Mb
ShadowMaps2a-(ZF-10383-08734-1-006).jpg3.94 Mb
ShadowMaps_LowerLevels_printv2-(ZF-10383-08734-1-004).jpg4.51 Mb
ShadowMaps_UpperLevel_printv2-(ZF-10383-08734-1-005).jpg3.8 Mb
Slavers-(ZF-10383-08734-1-007).jpg4.52 Mb
UpperMine-(ZF-10383-08734-1-008).jpg5.15 Mb

Cheat Sheet.jpg314.21 Kb
DMS.pdf 127.77 Kb
Dungeon Master's Guide - Magic Items by Rarity.pdf 57.51 Kb
MonstersCR.pdf 97.38 Kb
MT v1.0.pdf 2.25 Mb
PH Transcrion v2.pdf 2.82 Mb
Player Aid.pdf 131.64 Kb
Player's Handbook Errata.pdf 442.33 Kb
PT v1.1.pdf 587.63 Kb

Third Party
Assassin Games
Printer_Friendly_Tables.pdf 515.93 Kb
Wilderness_Encounters.pdf 26.49 Mb

Third Party
Critical Hit Publishing
Gothnogs_Legendary_Weapons_and_Magic_-_Fifth_Edition.pdf 27.44 Mb

Third Party
Necromancer Games
Book of Lost Spells (5E).pdf 15.66 Mb
Fifth Edition Foes (5E).pdf 37.06 Mb

Third Party
Adventure_Shorts_Volume_1_(5e).pdf 6.37 Mb

Third Party
Rite Publishing
101_1st_Level_Spells_(5E).pdf 2.07 Mb

Third Party
Tim Shorts
Starter_Adventures.pdf 18.3 Mb

Unearthed Arcana
Psionics.pdf 193.46 Kb
UA3_ClassDesignVariants.pdf 185.46 Kb
UA5_VariantRules.pdf 176.48 Kb
UA6_AwakenedMysticv2.pdf 193.46 Kb
UA_Battlesystem.pdf 266.24 Kb
UA_Eberron_v1.1.pdf 269.4 Kb
UA_ModernMagic.pdf 170.39 Kb
UA_Waterborne_v3.pdf 250.5 Kb
D&D Complete Collection

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